Progressive Plants

Our design staff can help in a number of ways. We can help with landscape design, yard maintenance strategies, or we can just walk around and brainstorm ideas for you to DIY. We can also liaison with your landscape contractor to help you make the right decisions both pragmatically and aesthetically.

Landscape designs cost depends on scope of work and size of area. CAD drawings with construction notes are included. We can even help you find a contractor if needed, or give you advice if you are DIY. If you are unsure of which staff member to choose- Give us a call at 801.565.7333 and we can get the right person to you.

Landscape Contractors- we can help you too! Let us work with your clients to ensure your clients’ satisfaction and help them get exactly what they want. Contact Cameron for more information-

Cameron Allcott

Primarily serving Salt Lake, Davis, Weber, Summit and Tooele Counties

Cameron grew up in the nursery business and has extensive plant knowledge and is always on the bleeding edge of new cultivars. His experience running the growing operation at the nursery gives him a unique understanding of what performs in Utah and under what conditions. He likes to use lots of color and mass plantings coupled with unique structured plants to create a “statement” in his landscape designs. Is also well versed in maintenance techniques for individual plants. He is often teaching classes in design and often consulting with contractors and landscape architects on plant selection.

M'Li Nielson Hoki

Primarily serving Utah County.

M’Li has always loved plants and what they can do for the soul when properly placed in a landscape. They needed to provide color, texture, food for pollinators and birds, or food. She graduated from BYU in 2012 with a bachelor’s in landscape management and as a Certified Landscape Professional through NALP. After graduating from BYU she worked at a nursery so she could learn more about the plants that grow well in Utah. She also volunteered at the Conservation Garden Park in Orem to further her understanding of water efficient landscaping. She has assisted Pleasant Grove City in developing a water conservation plan for the residents. She is also became a Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper (QWEL) through the State of Utah. She started working with Alpine Lawn and Landscape in 2013 and bought out the company at the end of the year, spent 4.5 wonderful years managing 2 crews and taking care of high-end residential properties in Northern Utah County and then sold her company at the end of 2018.
She has the deep need to share the love and knowledge about plants, landscapes and water efficiency with others, and started her own design company, Water Wise Designs in 2017. Progressive Plants is proud to partner its services with her.