Progressive Plants

Our on-site staff can help you in a number of ways. We can help with landscape design, maintenance strategies, or we can just walk around and brainstorm ideas for you to DIY. We can also liason with your landscape contractor to help you make the right decisions both pragmatically and aesthetically.

Contractors and Landscape Architects- We can also help you as well in selecting the right plants for your project. You have enough on your plate- let us handle the plant selection.

Cameron Allcott

Cameron grew up in the nursery business and has extensive plant knowledge and is always on the bleeding edge of new cultivars. His experience running the growing operation at the nursery gives him a unique understanding of what performs in Utah and under what conditions. He likes to use lots of color and mass plantings coupled with unique structured plants to create a “statement” in his landscape designs. Is also well versed in maintenance techniques for individual plants.